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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Heartbroken Man Narrates How He Lost His 2 Sons During Kaduna Crisis

Crisis scene (File photo)
Following the crisis that engulfed Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna state penultimate week, hundreds of people have started to relocate to where they have termed safe environment within the city, according to a report by DailyPost.
In Kasuwan Magani which is mostly dominated by Adara Christians, some Muslims residing there have since vacated their houses for fear of future occurrence, while Christians in Tudunwada, Trikania, which is mostly dominated by Muslims have since vacated their homes for fear of future occurrence as they have relocated to Christian dominated area.
In Kasuwan Magani, Alhaji Abdul Lawal narrated to DAILY POST how he lost his two sons.
He has now made arrangement with a bus driver to pack all his property to Kaduna North as he could no longer endure frequent crisis in Kasuwan Magani.
According to him, during this year’s February crisis in Kasuwan Magani, he lost one of his sons. In this October crisis, his house was nearly burnt down in Kasuwan Magani but for the quick intervention of security personnel deployed to keep peace.
Hear him, ” I have stayed in Kasuwan Magani throughout my life. I have not witnessed such horrible and dangerous killings in my life. As I am speaking to you now, I have paid for rooms in Kaduna north. I have made up my mind to move out of this place, Kasuwan Magani. Let me have my peace.”
A man identified as Mallam Shuaibu Ibrahim told DAILY POST in Kasuwan Magani that he had sleepless night since the crisis thinking where to go.

” Since the crisis, I couldn’t sleep in the night. I sent all my families to stay with my uncle in Kaduna town. I am thinking of relocating but I have no money to move my property out. Again, I don’t even have money to rent a new room in Kaduna where my family will stay,” Ibrahim said.
Also, speaking in an interview with Alhaji Suleiman Idris, a resident of Kasuwan Magani who narrated a pathetic story of the crisis, he said he lost two of his children including valuable property during the crisis, disclosing that he was on a business trip when the incident occurred. He later learnt of the death of his two sons when he came back after the crisis. He vowed to leave the area as soon as he gathers little money that could be enough to take him to his destination
According to him, ” I lost my wife about ten years ago during childbirth. I have two sons and a daughter. I travelled to Lagos to buy goods for reselling. It was in Lagos I heard of crisis in Kasuwan Magani. I called my eldest son but his phone went off. Repeated calls couldn’t get through. I hurriedly packed my goods and entered the motor going to kaduna. I reached Mando motor park, only to hear that there was a curfew.

”I slept there until the following morning when I sought for the assistance of security men who followed me down to Kasuwan Magani. It was ththat ere I discovered the death of my sons. What else do I stay in Kaduna for? Within a few days, I have to move to my state where I came from,” he explained tearfully.
But, Hajia Jumai Muhammadu has a different view. According to her, she had lived in Kasuwan Magani throughout her life, now it will be difficult for her to relocate.
” I was born and brought up in Kasuwan Magani. I schooled in Kasuwan Magani and got married in kasuwan Magani. I cannot run to anywhere because the devil has ruled over some people who took knife, cutlass and all manner of weapons against themselves. God is the owner of life. He takes it anytime, anywhere if He wishes. Even if you relocate to a different country, death can still meet you. Why must I relocate because of killings and burning of property?
She advised those who are moving or relocating to different places to remain and be prayerful since they do not know what may befall them there.
Her words: “You may run, thinking that where you are going may be better. Perhaps, you may not reach your destination. Even if you do, what you may meet there, maybe worst compared to what you are facing now in Kasuwan Magani.”
As it stands now, in Kaduna State, both Christians and Muslims are no longer living together as before. Only in few local governments in the state that Christians and Muslims live together even as boundary exists between the two religions in such local government (s).

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